Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is storePlay?

    storePlay is an integrated App and Web based music subscription service providing retailers, restaurants, hair salons or any other commercial premises with curated music channels to enhance the ambience of their stores.

  • How does storePlay work?

    Simply select the channel(s) that best suit your business and you'll received access to a 24-hour channel. All you need is an internet connection and the songs will be automatically downloaded to your device for a flat monthly subscription fee.

  • How much does it cost?

    A subscription to one 24-hour channel costs $30 per month, each additional 24-channel costs $25 per month, per iPod. If you have more than 10 stores please email us for a quote

  • Do I keep the updates?

    storePlay is a subscription service, so each month you will receive an additional 3 hours to help build your music collection on your device.

    You retain access to all the channels you have downloaded while your subscription is valid.

  • Can you create customised playlists?

    We can curate customised playlists that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Please email us for more information on this service.

  • Is storePlay legal?

  • How do I get storePlay?

    Simply select a channel(s) that best suit your business and then create an Account.

  • Where is storePlay available?

    storePlay is available globally.

  • When do channels get updated?

    storePlay channels are updated on a weekly basis, at a minimum.

  • Who curates the channels?

    storePlay has 2 key curators

    Sasha Perera, our Head Of Curation has a wealth of industry experience, having worked as a music journalist for over 20 years, a promotions manager & publicist for Virgin/EMI, Sony Music and Universal Music, and most recently as a music & entertainment content specialist, based in London for the last 10 years.

    With a passion for music, Sasha is the perfect person to head up our curation.

    Dean Cherny, our Founder & CEO is one of Australia's leading DJ's with over 25 years experience playing at some of the most exclusive events and venues around the world including the W Hotel and Ku De Ta in Bali, the Myer Marquee at the Melbourne Cup Carnival and gigs for Kylie Minogue and the DJ support slot for George Michael's 2011 Tour.

    As one of Australia's leading DJ's he has an intimate knowledge of Australian and International music trends which has lead to him being regularly appointed the Musical Director for Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, Spring Fashion Week and Melbourne Fashion Festival for the last 10 years.

    His business, Marketing Melodies currently provides music to over 1,000 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

    In 2004 Dean formed Dirty Laundry, a musical 'collective'. The band has had seven Top 30 ARIA Club Chart hits (including three Top 10) and travels both nationally and internationally.

  • Terms & Conditions


  • Can I use storePlay if I am not a business?

    No, storePlay's Terms & Conditions states that it is for commercial use only.

  • Do I have to pay public performance fees?

    Many business owners are surprised to learn that they need a licence to play copyright protected music in their business and don't always understand that simply buying a CD, for example, doesn't give them the right to play it in a commercial environment. Generally speaking, any business that wants to play copyright protected music or music videos has to first obtain the requisite licences.

    At storePlay we use an affordable alternative for businesses that want to use the best-in-class royalty-free music in their stores or restaurants.

    By using our royalty-free programs you won't have to pay public performance fees, saving you hundreds of dollars per annum.

  • Can I change the channels I am subscribed to?

    You can change the channel you are subscribed to at any time by going to the Subscription page.

    Changes will come in effect instantly.

    You can change channels up to 4 times per 28 days.

  • We have a firewall, what Servers & Ports need access?

    storePlay needs the following ports opens so as to ensure that the storeplay App can always access the server through your internet set up.

    StorePlay API Server: (

    Amazon Cloudfront Server name:

    Ports: 80, 443


How To

  • Upgrade to 2 or more monthly channels

    Login to the storePlay website here.

    You need a minimum of one channel to have a valid storePlay membership.

    But by hitting the Add Channel button you can upgrade your storePlay subscription by adding any number of additional channels.

  • Upload Ads

    In the Ads section you can upload your own Ads to play between the tracks.

    Login to the storePlay website here.

    You set the frequency the Ads play in the Change Frequency section.

    In the Upload a new ad section, you Title the Ad and select the dates for it to play Form & To. If you leave it as Anytime, it will play continuously.

    You then Choose the file & Upload the Ad.

    You can upload as many Ads as you'd like and you'll be please to know that once uploaded, they can't be skipped or fast forwarded by your staff.

  • Create a Playlist

    When you login the the storePlay App you will be on the Channels Screen, hit the Add Playlist button at the top to create a customised Playlist for all the music in storePlay. Once named you can select tracks to add to the Playlist via Songs, Playlists, Genres & BPM.

  • Play my music wirelessly

    storePlay easily connects to both Airport & Bluetooth receivers allowing you to play your music remotely.

    When you are logged to the the storePlay App and are playing a song, the icons for the Airport & Bluetooth receivers will appear in the bottom right corner.

  • Turn on Volume Levelling

    storePlay has built in volume leveling that can be turned on/off in the Preferences in the More section of the App.

  • Turn on crossfading

    Crossfading can be turned on/off in the Preferences in the More section of the App.

  • Swap devices

    Yes, you can easily swap devices. Once you have set up your account, go to the Subscription page and hit Reset linked iPods and then log in on your new device.

Error Messages

  • Your trial subscription has expired. Please visit the website to upgrade.

    To continue to access storePlay after your Free 14 Day Sampler has expired you will need to Log In and upgrade your account to a paid subcription.

  • You haven't reconnected for more than 45 days. Please connect to the Internet before signing in again.

    The storePlay App needs to sync with our server at least once every 45 days, so if you are unable to open storePlay, make sure have a working wifi/internet connection and click on the storePlay App so it can sync.

  • Invalid username and/or password.

    Please confirm that you have entered the correct username & password. Both username & password are case sensitive.

  • Please try again.

    This is displayed when a possibly temporary error occurs, such as connectivity suddenly dropping out - so please try again.

  • All available app licenses have been claimed.

    Trial Upgrades

    If you had storePlay on a device such as your iPhone for the trial, but would like to use a different device for your ongoing subscription, you will need to reset the licence to be able to log in to the new device.

    You can reset your licence in the Subscription section of your Account page of the storePlay website once you have logged in.

    Please ensure that once you reset your licence, you log in with whatever device you plan to use storePlay on.

    Multiple Stores

    If you have multiple iPod licences (stores), this error means that all available licences have been claimed.

    You can reset your licence in the Subscription section of your Account page of the storePlay website once you have logged in.

    Each device will then re-claim the licenses on a first-come first-served basis when logging in. No data will be lost in this process.