Nowadays, customer experience is everything.

With online shopping taking over, retail owners are forced to get creative and come up with new ways to keep their clients loyal.

When hundreds of products are only a click away, and the digital medium makes it much easier to compare prices and find reviews, you need something that would make prospects want to walk through your store’s front door. 

Research shows that one of the most effective ways to acquire more customers and increase the number of those who return is to create a unique consumer experience

You don’t only need to build awareness for your brand these days, you also need to build trust with your customers as well as a positive association between them and your products, service, and store. 

Think about it this way: when a prospect walks into your store, that’s when they have their first and possibly most impactful interaction with your brand. 

While it can take a lot of work and resources to get them to return, it only takes a few things to go wrong in order for them to move over to your competitors. 

In fact, by 2020, the way your brand makes consumers feel will trump everything else when it comes to their purchasing decisions. Their experience in-store will be more important than the price or the products you’re selling. 

So, how do you create a positive experience for your clients?

The first step is to make sure you’re not doing the opposite. And an underrated element that can make your break your retail customer experience is music. 

Why music matters more than you think

Having your own signature sound as a brand can help you create a memorable experience for every prospect that visits your store and to build a strong reputation on the market over time. 

Mixed with the right design and visuals, music can influence consumers to buy more, come back to your brand, and spend more time in-store. It also ensures a more personalized experience for prospects, which has been shown to lead to increased sales.

Given the fact that over 80% of Australians believe that good background music is necessary for a better shopping experience, it’s no surprise that creating your own unique sound can boost profit for your brand.

Lastly, your business reputation largely depends on the interactions your staff has with your customers. And for this as well, music plays an important role. 👇

How in-store music keeps employees happy

If you want long-term success for your business, it’s not enough to keep your clients happy. Your staff and their performance are important as well.

Research shows that good background music can impact staff productivity and morale in the following ways:

These are just some of the ways in which the right sound can affect mood, performance, and overall job satisfaction for your sales team. 

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