storePlay Connect

Allows retailers using the storePlay in-store music platform to connect directly with their customers

Drive Traffic

Engage with any shopper through special offers.

Customer DJ

Let your customers select the music via the Connect App in-store.

Augmented Reality

Turn any 2D images into an engaging interactive displays.

Driving Traffic

60% of global consumers cite that "discounts and promotions" most influence their impulse purchases



Everyone loves to be in the know

Engage with any shopper who has downloaded the storePlay Connect app.

  • Shoppers can discover offers before they shop
  • Shoppers are sent offers when they are in a shopping environment
  • Drive foot traffic to your store and promote sales
  • Contactless payment via OpenPay, AfterPay & ZipMoney
  • Shoppers can curate their Offer Feed according to the brands they like

Customer DJ

Over 75% of Generation Z (18-24 years old) shoppers would like the opportunity to influence music played in-store.

- The State of Brick & Mortar: 2017


Become the DJ

Let your customers select the music via the storePlay Connect App in store.

  • Shoppers vote for their favourite song from the retailers playlist
  • Gamifies the in-store experience
  • Increases dwell time
  • Builds brand equity
  • Gain customer insights


Get Social

Users can connect to services like Spotify & Facebook to bring your brand to life across other digital platforms.


  • Shoppers can save the retailer playlists in their Spotify accounts
  • Retailers benefit from brand exposure beyond their bricks and mortar environment
  • Enhance brand alignment with customers

Augmented Reality

62% of shoppers believe Augmented Reality will enhance their shopping experiences.

- Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results


Bring your store to life

Turn any 2D image into an engaging interactive display.

  • Allows customers to research products when staff are not available
  • Brings your window displays to life when your stores are closed
  • Utilise existing on-line content in your bricks and mortar environment, e.g, instructional & behind the scene videos


Get storePlay Connect on Android or iOS