At Storeplay, we assist businesses like yours in enhancing the shopping experience with sensory retail journeys, fusing music, visuals, scents, queue management, and data intelligence for a transformative impact.

At Storeplay, we assist businesses like yours in enhancing the shopping experience with sensory retail journeys, fusing music, visuals, scents, queue management, and data intelligence for a transformative impact.

Our Purpose

To make it easy for our customers to bring joy to theirs

Our Vision

To engage a billion of the world’s customers every month

Core Values

Obsessed with customer experience

We are customers ourselves, we live their experience

We solve problems and deliver at speed

Always improving

Nothing is ever perfect

Propose a better way

No passengers

We are all in it together

We carry our own bags

Our Team


Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Marketing Melodies and Storeplay, Dean’s passion for music is evident from an accomplished career as a DJ and entrepreneur. From humble beginnings creating mix tapes for retailers in the 90s, Dean has grown Marketing Melodies to become one of the largest retail technology suppliers in ANZ, providing music for more than 7,000 stores.Dean’s tenacious nature and intrinsic love of innovation led him to develop Storeplay, the first app-based background music platform for business in 2012. Storeplay has since morphed into the only sensory retail experience company in the world that improves store performance through music, signage, scenting and queue management - all wrapped in its own Retail Media Network. Dean is an active member of the global technology community and a trailblazer in the music industry.


Head of Partnerships

Chris has more than a decade’s experience in creative solutions and brand partnerships, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.

Born and raised in Melbourne, and with an extensive background in the city’s hospitality sector, Chris is a passionate believer in the importance of technology’s ability to improve business.

While recent years have seen Chris working at senior level in global businesses, his experience at ground level gives him a unique perspective of business operations.


Chief Operating Officer

Des is a lifelong tech-head and music lover - making him the perfect fit for the role of Storeplay’s COO. He has years worth of experience working in some of Australia’s biggest media companies delivering exceptional technology solutions to his customers and understands the important role that music plays in driving people’s attitudes and behaviour. He lives, eats and breathes music - and to be able to combine his two loves of tech and music - at a progressive company such as Storeplay - is a dream come true for Des.


Lead Developer

Greg is the software wizard heading up our product development. With a love of music, technology and problem solving; many years of experience developing software across multiple domains and numerous successful releases under his belt, he brings a quality and user experience focus to our development lifecycle.

Prior to joining the team, Greg has worked as a tech-lead, team-lead and technology manager at industry leaders in both South Africa and Australia where he's been acknowledged as a firefighter and application specialist.


Account Manager

Miranda is an account manager, marketer and lover of all things music. In addition to this, Miranda is actively present in her local ethnic community where she strives to celebrate culture and community arts. Her experience to date has ranged from teaching music along the surf coast, working in the retail sector to establishing a career internationally in the field of technology. As a result, Miranda is passionate about working where opportunities and values intertwine for business and creative arts.


Head of Curation

Zac is a passionate connoisseur of both music and technology. He finds immense joy in the way these two worlds can seamlessly bring people together. With a background that spans the non-profit and start-up sectors, Zac has garnered valuable experience that informs his unique approach to curating exceptional content.

Beyond his role as Head of Curation, Zac wears multiple hats. When he's not carefully selecting the perfect tunes for your enjoyment, he's managing and operating his own wedding band business, creating unforgettable moments for couples on their special day. In his quest for continuous learning and personal growth, Zac is also pursuing a Master of Music Therapy at the University of Melbourne.



Sarah is a curator, broadcaster, and ultimately a music fan. With a wealth of experience within community radio both on and off air at SYN FM, she is passionate about fostering the next generation of local musicians. Music has always been at the centre of how Sarah operates, both professionally and personally. In conjunction with her love of music, Sarah’s past experience in the retail world elevates her ability to connect with clients to curate a one-of-a-kind playlist.



Astrid is a passionate and analytical about music and popular culture. After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) at RMIT she continued to study and received 1st Class Honours on her thesis about music on TikTok. Her dedicated academic career coincides with years of customer service experience in the retail and hospitality industries. This offers a unique understanding of in-store expectations and the importance of the right playlist. Astrid’s amalgamation of interests and dedication brings passion and consideration to her curation work.


Customer Support

At just 24, Avi is also a talented Melbourne based electronic music producer and DJ, performing at some of Australia's most exciting festivals and events. Avi combines formidable IT skills with exceptional customer service acumen. His approachable demeanour and clear explanations make him a trusted bridge between IT and customers. Avi's commitment to enhancing user experiences has earned him a reputation for stellar customer service, setting him apart in the IT industry.


Office Admin

David has 23 years of professional experience and 5 years of the experience as Virtual Assistant. He is well versed in in Sales, Digital Marketing, Operations, Logistics and Administration and Management.

Aside from being a father, he loves to play basketball and coaches his son’s school varsity team.