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Your digital signage.

Fast, easy and effective

storePlay Display is a state of the art, cloud-based digital signage system that has been designed through continued client feedback. We have worked with various companies to understand their needs and create an intuitive platform that can adapt to the changing retail landscape.

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Keep things fresh

Customers don’t just glance - they engage.

  • Cut through the static environment and increase sales
  • Use facial recognition to understand your customer and serve dynamic content
  • Digital signage drives impulse purchases

Digital Signage

Items featured on digital signage experienced, on average, a 49% increase in sales.

- Altum Retail

Create your unique content

Easily upload your content through our browser based CMS that works on both desktop & mobile devices

Don't have content? Don't worry! If a lack of content is holding you back, we have a team of designers and animators who can create engaging content and interactive websites.

As simple as plug & play

We understand that every business has different needs, so we offer multiple hardware solutions. Our hardware can also run your in-store music.

Need hardware? Don't worry... We work with various national hardware partners who specialise in retail installations. They will be able to assess your needs and budget, and then supply and install the most appropriate equipment.

Smart scheduling
tailored & targeted

We've created a CMS that will ensure you spend more time creating campaigns and less time uploading them

Target specific locations by tags With our unique tag system you can group stores via country, state, position or any field with just a couple of keystrokes.

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And take control of your digital signage

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