Are Consumers Leaving Your Store Too Early? This Might Be the Reason Why

Are Consumers Leaving Your Store Too Early? This Might Be the Reason Why

If you work in retail, then chances are you've already faced this scenario before: more and more consumers seem to be leaving a few minutes after they've just walked through the door.

You see some of the customers going over to the competitors and you're left with wondering whether you are doing something wrong in the process.

Well, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to your customers leaving early, but there is a key element that often gets overlooked and can have an immense impact on the consumer experience you provide in-store.

We're talking about your in-store music.

And it’s not just about the types of songs you play and the quality of the music, but also how loud you play it and during what hours of the day.

So, let's jump into the main reasons why your in-store music might be turning away many of your prospects, and find out what you can do about it.

Any consumer that walks through your store's front door has come in for a reason.

If they leave empty-handed or within minutes of entering your store, chances are something's put them off making a purchase or has made them dislike your brand entirely.

Research shows that music has an immense (and often underestimated) impact on buying patterns. In fact, exposing consumers to the right sound has been proven to increase sales volume and create a memorable in-store experience that leads to more returning clients.

But just like the right music can have a positive effect on customer loyalty and profit, the wrong music can alienate prospects, decrease sales and ultimately hurt your brand identity.

In fact, half of all shoppers report leaving a store early because they didn't like the music that was playing or they found it frustrating.

So what can you do about this?

How to use in-store music to your advantage

First of all, you want to make sure you're not actively warding off customers with your in-store sound. Many retailers have hopped on the trend of playing really loud music in an effort to drive more impulsive purchases.

However, contrary to popular belief, studies show that most consumers actually find this kind of sound obnoxious, that it makes them confused, irritated, and ultimately more inclined to leave your store without buying anything, and with a bad impression of your brand altogether.

Another reason might be that the songs you play are ones that you like, but your audience doesn't. Moreover, they might not be the right fit for your brand identity at all.

So, you should definitely consider creating a playlist that reflects your company's values and mood and make sure that this playlist is one that your target audience would enjoy as well.

Creating this kind of signature sound will not only allow you to distinguish your brand on the market but also help you stay competitive in a digital age where online shopping is becoming more and more commonplace.

Here are some things you should be aware of when selecting your in-store music:

  • the right music stirs up powerful emotions in the listener and prompts them to act (which means more purchases and a desire to return to your store);
  • different tempos and the pace of the songs played in-store affect buying behaviour - it can speed it up significantly and encourage consumers to spend more;
  • the volume level matters - you need to find that sweet spot that reduces stress levels and isn't too arousing, while still inviting prospects to action.

You can learn more about the research behind why you need background music for your retail store in this article.

If finding the right sound for your business seems a little intimidating or like it would take up too much of your time, then let us do it for you. 🎶

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