How to Find the Right Music for Your Retail Store

How to Find the Right Music for Your Retail Store

Many experts agree that music changes the consumer experience.

It can make shoppers spend more time in-store and boost sales or it can cause them to leave early, never to return again.

Did you know, half of all shoppers leave a store because they are bothered by the song selection?

As a business owner, you know that the wrong music can drive consumers away, while the right one will keep them coming back and buying more. But maybe you’re not quite sure if your customers like the music you’re playing. Or maybe you’re just starting out with your business and you are struggling to put together a compelling playlist that your customers would actually enjoy.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll talk about what most stores use as background music for their business, and where successful stores get their songs from without getting into any legal trouble.

So, where can you find music for your business? 🎵

Platforms most brands use for sourcing licensed background music

The solution you’ll hear about most often for sourcing background music is using platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. They’re popular, cheap, and relatively easy to use. Unfortunately, they’re also illegal to use for your business.

The reason for this is that both Apple Music and Spotify are non-commercial services. This means that they can’t be used for in-store music because your business gains profit from playing their songs. So using these platforms can actually put you at risk for lawsuits and huge legal fines. This is true even if you have a premium Spotify account.

If you have legally purchased all your music via iTunes, Google Play or Amazon, you will need to pay roughly $400 in additional licenses to use it in a commercial environment.

Here are some other reasons why you should think twice about using your own music or a non-commercial music platform for your business:

  • you'll have to spend hours looking through songs that match the mood and feel of your store
  • you'll need to constantly curate new music to avoid boring clients with repetitive playlists
  • you'll have to find songs that don't frustrate your staff and lower productivity
  • you’ll have no control of the music when you are not in the store
  • blocking explicit lyrics becomes far harder
  • you'll need to look through thousands of songs to find those that actually mesh with your brand
  • you'll need to consistently find new music that you can play 24/7 (or while your store is open)
  • you'll have to handle all of the legal aspects yourself (and making a mistake here can cost you thousands of dollars )

  • customers might not like the music you find or think it's dull

Legalities aside, if you have the hours and disposition needed to do all of the above, and are happy to pay the additional fees, then opting for a commonly-used platform might work out for your business. However, if you want to be compliant and don’t or have the time and energy to spare on something like this, then there might be a better solution for you. 👇


The best source for 100% legal background music to use in your store

Competitive brands find songs that help them create a unique musical identity, one that drives more sales and that their customers grow to love. In order to do that, they use a special platform that develops a signature sound for them.

Here is what you should look for when choosing your source for music:

  • high-quality songs that are licensed and match your brand
  • unique playlists with a smart schedule that minimizes repetition
  • option to download the music, not just stream it
  • curated channels that can play music 24/7
  • regular music updates

For instance, our platform allows you to download songs, create custom playlists, and insert promo messages in between. We also have filters for explicit language and weekly music updates selected by our team of professional curators.

Additionally, you don't have to worry about any legal headaches since we take care of that for you and cover royalties for all of our music.


Finding music for your store can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be this way. If you have access to the right tools that help you work smart, you’ll be able to provide a unique experience for consumers and maximize sales with minimum effort.

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