The Why Behind StorePlay [Why We Do What We Do]

The Why Behind StorePlay [Why We Do What We Do]

by Dean Cherny, Storeplay Founder & CEO


Consumers are leaving your store early. And you can’t help wondering why that happens.

I know the feeling of helplessness and doubt that come from wondering whether your business will fail or succeed in the long term.

I also know what it’s like to look for a solution that seems nowhere to be found. After all, how much control do you really have over what your prospects do or don’t do? So, you might as well face the facts and prepare for the worst, right?

But don’t call it quits just yet, because there’s an evidence-based method to drive more traffic and sales to your business - a way that can help you build a “sticky” customer base that loves what you do and keeps coming back for more.

‘What is this solution’, you ask?

Well, it’s not magic. It’s music.

Music is the lifeblood of everything that I do. It also happens to be one of the most underrated and effective marketing strategies out there. Why?

Because with good music, you can:

  • Get consumers to stay in-store longer
  • Increase profit and the number of returning clients
  • Boost productivity for your staff

Wouldn’t you just like to have a tool that helps you create a unique retail experience?

Well, that’s exactly what I created Storeplay Radio for.

Let me tell you how it all began…

I started running this business from my bedroom.

I was in my last year of studying marketing, and for my final assignment, I had to pitch a business idea to a retailer (Portmans at the time). Since DJ-ing was my happy place, I came up with Marketing Melodies, a means of providing customized background music to retail outlets.

After my presentation, the person came up to me and asked: "How would you like to do this in the real world?" I was stunned.

So, basically, I rolled straight out of my marketing degree with my first client.

I started spending my evenings making mixtapes on cassettes in my bedroom. This was back in 1989. Over the following 10 years, I realised that the chances of scaling were pretty low.

Luckily, new technologies emerged just in time to help me out.

… the digital world skyrocketed our growth

Everyone knows retail stores are closing faster than ever before.

I wanted to give business owners the tools to weather the storm and come out on the other side with a strong reputation and a loyal customer base.

Music was my instrument of choice to help both businesses and artists. Just as I was starting to struggle, CDs came into the picture, and I was able to really speed up the process. By 2010, Marketing Melodies was providing background music to over 1,000 stores.

Then the digital world took over. Being able to download and upload music made my role so much easier, and the business was able to grow in a manner I had always hoped.

I wanted to use technology to cut out the middle man and go directly to consumers. Upgrading from CDs to a full digital service seemed like the natural next step.

So in 2012, we launched Storeplay Radio, the world’s first app-based music subscription service for businesses.


storePlay’s technology allows both retail chain and independent businesses to select playlists that match their brands and keep shoppers in-store. Then they’re able to download that playlist instantly.

We offer quality music in minutes, without any of the legal headaches.

It’s quick, easy, and convenient. And most importantly, it’s a win-win for both the businesses and the artists. Retailers get to create a unique experience for their customers and recording labels love us too!

So what kept me going from the early days until today? And, why do I believe in storePlay’s vision so passionately?

Here’s why. 👇

WHY we do what we do

Many businesses don’t realize that playing in-store music without paying licensing fees for it is illegal.

And those who are aware of this, often either take their chances (with sometimes disastrous outcomes) or they settle for generic “elevator music” that instantly drives consumers away the moment they walk in the store.

I wanted to offer a simple and easy solution that would help businesses, while also paying tribute to my love for music.

In a few words, this is WHY I created Storeplay Radio:

I want more businesses to use 100% legal music.

Legality was a big one for me since I love music and I want to support fellow creators and performers.

I want to help businesses connect directly with consumers.

For a modern world dominated by social networks, we sure lack real trust and have a bigger communication gap between brands and consumers than ever before.

My goal is to change that.

I want to create an immersive retail experience where consumers feel like they’ve entered a different world altogether.

That’s why we built Storeplay Radio Connect so customers can queue songs to play, choose the music they love, and experience augmented reality.

I want to help brick-and-mortar stores compete in a highly digitalised market by driving more customers in-store.

Retailers earn millions in sales using proximity marketing. We’re looking to tap into the power of location-based deals to skyrocket business growth for retailers.

I want to help artists gain more revenue for their work.

And I’d love to have you around for the ride!

WHAT we do

Think of us like Spotify, but for businesses.

We allow stores to play customised background music that actually sounds good.

As part of our subscription, we can also manage all royalties and licensing fees for the music you play. So you’re not exposed to hefty fines and lawsuits.

We create unique playlists that reflect your brand’s message, engage customers, and grow your business. We also let you know how consumers respond to your music so you can maximize profit.

You don’t have to deal with any third parties, and you get detailed reports that show how your store(s) are using the platform.

Feel free to learn more about Storeplay Radio features here.

HOW we do it

We use high-quality music programming, AI and other advanced technologies to create a simple, fast and easy-to-use service for busy owner-operators.

We constantly refine our music selection and look for new ways to improve our methods.

But our main driving force is this: a commitment to success and innovation.

To get to know us better, these are the values we stand by in our work: 👇


From the get-go, I had an undying belief in the potential of this product. I knew there was a market for it.

But the first version of our platform was just the beginning. For the past 20 years, I’ve constantly been refining it, talking to my clients and gladly welcoming their feedback and concerns. I’ve used their suggestions to keep improving and adding new features that my clients loved.

It was this passion and thirst for innovation that led to Storeplay Radio being created.

From making mixtapes in my bedroom, we’re now in over 5,000 retail stores, working with big names like Optus, Mimco, Witchery and David Jones.

What the future holds

For me, the future is about continuing to expand and grow Storeplay Radio. I’m currently working on getting international licensing and implementing new technologies for it.

What I’m most excited about is taking Storeplay Radio to international markets. So if you’re reading this from overseas, we might just make it to your doorstep too in a little while. 😉

Also, if you resonate with our story and values, we’d love to get in touch with you! Let’s find out what you’re missing to create the ultimate retail experience, and how our music can help you succeed. 🎶