Did You Know That Music Can Influence Your Shopping Experience?

Did You Know That Music Can Influence Your Shopping Experience?

Yes, this is true! In fact, there are many different sounds, smells, and sights that can alter your mood and thoughts when shopping – this is known as shopper’s psychology. Shopper’s psychology is the process of understanding your customers on a psychological level. What makes them tick? What processes trigger different actions in their brain? What items can create association or alter a customer’s thought process?

You may be surprised, but businesses use shopper’s psychology to tailor their stores and websites to enhance customer’s shopping experience. This is a real phenomenon and businesses have been using psychological tricks since shops were invented!

Surprisingly enough, music is a tool that is often used in retail to tap in to shopper’s psychology. Certain types of music can have a profound effect on a customer’s experience and when used correctly, can invoke certain feelings and emotions. Many big brand names actually utilise music in their stores.

For example, Nike often plays music with heavy vibrations which boosts brand recognition (vibrations are associated with power, speed, and athleticism). Furthermore, jeweller Canturi plays soothing music to prompt staff/customer interactions. Finally, restaurants generally play slow and relaxing music which is reported to prompt customers to stay longer in their venues!

As you can see, music can be a truly powerful tool and is one of the most potent forms of shopper’s psychology. The infographic below provides some additional facts about shopper’s psychology – you will be amazed at what a business can do to sway your decision making process and alter your shopping experience!