How to Increase Customer Satisfaction with the Help of an Appointment Booking Platform

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction with the Help of an Appointment Booking Platform

There has been an increased interest in digitising the shopping experience in recent years. It was not only meant as a way to respect Covid safety requirements, but to also meet new customer expectations related to online shopping.

In a PWC Consumer Survey from 2021, 43 per cent of Australian respondents said they benefited from online shopping via mobile or smartphone that year. Back in 2019, only 25 per cent of respondents made purchases that way. Smartphone shopping was also just 9 percentage points behind in-store shopping, and it will likely gain more ground in the future. What it all boils down to is that consumers need more ease of access to solve their needs. In this case, businesses can certainly benefit from embracing various technological solutions.

What it all boils down to is that consumers need more ease of access to solve their needs. In this case, businesses can certainly benefit from embracing various technological solutions.

Appointment scheduling software is one of the business tools that a growing number of various companies are turning to. It allows them to stay organised and competitive, to provide better customer service, and, ultimately, increase sales.

With so many ensured benefits, it’s worth diving deeper into:

  • what an appointment booking platform consists of;
  • how to choose the best online booking platform for you;
  • how to set it up to maximise customer engagement and satisfaction.

What Is an Appointment Booking Platform?

Most people are familiar with using an online booking platform. We come across one to plan a vacation, a suit-fitting appointment, or—if we're not so lucky—a doctor’s appointment. Some platforms are automated, while others need personnel to confirm or cancel appointments.

In recent years, a growing number of retailers and hospitality businesses have also adopted or perfected this solution.

An appointment scheduling software is intended to give consumers the option of making appointments online, either through a mobile application or a website, so that employees don’t have to intervene. It may also be possible to develop a virtual queuing system that prevents walk-in customers from physically waiting in line in front of a store.

What Is the Best Online Platform for Your Business?

Appointment scheduling software can either be developed in-house or outsourced—each solution having its own pros and cons.

If you’re wondering how to choose the best online booking platform for your business, keep the following criteria in mind, especially if you plan to outsource this service:

    ➔ It allows you to customize how your booking works and set up the menu in a user-friendly manner for your clients to schedule appointments;
    ➔ The booking page is synced with your company's calendar—that way, customers’ appointments don’t overlap with other important events;
    ➔ It provides tools and coding to help you integrate it into the platforms you use to interact with your clients;
    ➔ The company that designs applications for online bookings provides prompt and professional customer service.

Tips for Improving a Customer’s Online Booking Platform Experience

Customer experiences, according to Berndt Schmitt, a top experiential marketing expert, “provide sensory, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and relational values”. If you want to follow a holistic approach to connecting with your customers, these are the principles to guide you when creating any product or service. Setting up the best online booking platform—whether built in-house or outsourced—is part of this.

Set up the online booking system to be quick and easy

You want to provide a frictionless experience for the customer. To achieve that, aim for an intuitive interface, limit your questions, and provide the option to cancel or reschedule.

Include a survey at the end of the shopping experience to make your customers feel heard

While not all customers will want to take part in a survey, it is considerate to offer that option. It will also help you gain valuable insight and encourage repeat business.

If you use a service that designs appointment scheduling apps, learn how you can tailor them to your particular needs

The PCW report we mentioned in the beginning suggested that, in order to drive more customers into physical or online stores, business owners should invest more in delivery and collection services.

One of the things our Storeplay IQ team did for our clients, to make the most of this opportunity, was to streamline their click and collect booking process. We also provided storefront

posters with QR codes that allowed customers to sign up to a virtual queuing system if the store reached its capacity.

Provide a premium shopping experience

To be honest, if we put ourselves in the shoes of the customer, we can imagine that a seamless and time-effective shopping experience may already feel like VIP treatment. A virtual queue management system can provide a more civilised shopping experience.

However, depending on your business, you can get more creative, such as linking the booking software to your company's customer relationship management (CRM) platform to create customized offers.

Customers’ privacy should be respected

Customers are becoming increasingly protective of their personal data, so if you collect private information for personalized offers, you must ensure that it is kept secure.

Final Thoughts

Online booking systems have demonstrated that they are more than a quick fix during Covid restrictions. It is also not a feature reserved only for travel or healthcare providers. Appointment software has grown in popularity, with many retail chains and small businesses utilizing it.

Overall, it would be beneficial for any business owner to investigate how they could use this solution to improve customer experiences.

If you're still not sure if this is the right option for you, don't hesitate to reach out to us. If you want to set up an appointment booking platform for your clients without having to do everything yourself, our team at Storeplay IQ is here to help. They will tailor the best online booking service for your needs.