5 In-Store Advertising Strategies to Connect to Your Gen Z Customers

5 In-Store Advertising Strategies to Connect to Your Gen Z Customers

If you own a retail shop or another kind of business that serves your community, it’s essential to understand how to engage with unique demographics like Generation Z. Learning how to appeal to their core values, priorities, and needs through engaging messages and offers can set you apart in a competitive market.

In this article, we will look at the Gen Z consumer profile, with a focus on Australian consumers, and share some in-store advertising ideas that you can implement right away.

If you intend to effectively connect with the Gen Z audience starting today, then continue reading!

Who Are the Generation Z Consumers?

Born between 1995 to 2009, Gen Z representatives are part of the dominant workforce and consumer segment, alongside Gen Y (born between 1980-1994).

According to McCrindle Research, a leading authority on tracking generational changes, the main Gen Z characteristics are:

  1. Digital integration – Having been exposed to technology at a young age, Gen Z adults are able to seamlessly integrate it into their lives. Technology is like a second language to them, and it’s helping them in creating a world without borders.
  2. Global focus – Globalisation had the greatest impact on Generation Z compared to previous generations. This can be seen in their adaptation to fashion, food, and entertainment trends, as well as their interest in a variety of social justice issues.
  3. Gen Z people are influenced by the same cultural changes no matter where they live, and they form bonds that transcend social, demographic, and geographical borders.

  4. Social connection – Gen Z people are constantly connected to their peers, particularly through social media. Word spreads quickly, and social media affects their purchasing decisions (influencers play a big role here).
  5. Staying connected online also means they are more aware of the impact of their purchasing habits than previous generations.

  6. Always on the go – More so than other generations, Gen Zeds frequently change jobs, careers, and homes. They volunteer and look for opportunities to make a difference.
  7. They are more formally educated and generally focused on continuous learning, having access to a wide range of online courses and tutorials at their fingertips.

    They also tend to prioritise personal and professional development over traditional life markers like marriage.

  8. Visual engagement – Gen Zeds often prefer to learn new things by watching videos rather than reading articles. They are also kinaesthetic learners, assimilating information through experiences.
  9. Brands have generally adapted to their learning and communication style by using more pictures and videos than text and launching Virtual Reality applications.

Essential Gen Z Marketing Statistics

  • Generation Z is the most marketed-to generation in history; this demographic watches over 30,000 commercials per year.
  • Young people are heavily influenced by consumerism, feeling pressured by their peers to follow the latest trends. For example, Australian homes generally spend over $500 per year on toys.
  • According to Forbes, 71% of Gen-Z would like to see more diversity in advertising, and they value companies that promote gender equality.
  • The same source states that 61% of Gen-Z is willing to pay a premium for ethical and sustainable products.
  • Despite the fact that eCommerce has grown in popularity over the last decade, half of Gen-Z consumers still prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores.

How To Market Gen Z-oriented Products and Services with In-store Advertising

After we’ve defined the Gen Z characteristics, let’s talk about the powerful — and often overlooked — impact of in-store advertising and how to use it to connect with post-95 consumers.

What Is In Store Advertising?

In-store advertising allows you to engage customers through unique experiences once they enter your brick-and-mortar store. Some principles apply to online stores as well, but this article will focus on physical locations.

In Store Advertising Benefits

Among the most notable in-store advertising benefits are:

  • Influencing buying decisions through well-planned, eye-catching displays;
  • Increasing customer engagement and satisfaction;
  • Increasing brand awareness through in-store ads about products and special offers.

Five In Store Advertising Examples and Strategies to Engage Gen Z Customers

To appeal to Gen Zeds, you first need to make them feel socially connected and entertained.

Second, a focus on innovative products and experiences that make life easier is essential if you want to target this group.

Finally, beyond the practical aspects of providing high-quality products, Gen Z customers seek companies whose values align with their own. You need to meet them where they are — on the social media platforms they use, in the places they congregate, and use their language.

  1. Consider the triple bottom line (TBL) — profit, people and planet

    According to the Gen Z marketing statistics mentioned above, these customers prefer to make sure that their money goes to companies that make a positive social or environmental impact. You will gain their gratitude and loyalty if you can promote cruelty-free and sweatshop-free alternatives, as well as other sustainable products.

    Moreover, in a world polarised by discrimination and conflict, your brand can lead by example. If you sell skincare products, for instance, you can honour the beauty of diversity through thoughtful marketing campaigns that promote a body-positive outlook and use gender-inclusive language.

  2. Collaborate with influencers or become one yourself

    As previously stated, social media has a significant impact on buying decisions. A sizable part of Gen Zeds buy products based on what influencers recommend.

    If you are unable to team up with a beloved influencer at this time to post some inspiring in-store ads, have no fear — your brand can tap into that influencing power as well. Share high-quality content on a regular basis and put a face to your brand through short video interviews with your founders, for example.

  3. Make use of the kinaesthetic learning style

    Many brands are now focusing on creating unique customer experiences with virtual reality and interactive digital signage. They aim to entertain, educate, and inspire, appealing to the tech-savvy Gen Zeds in particular.

    By installing an in-store application like Storeplay Connect, your customers can interact directly with your brand by seeing new offers, selecting in-store songs, and experiencing augmented reality.

    When it comes to on-brand messages that inform about special offers and captivate at the same time with stunning visuals paired with wholesome or bold texts, the sky's the limit. Create instagrammable displays and share quizzes or facts to make your customers feel happy about their purchases. For example, let them know how much CO₂ they save by purchasing a specific eco-friendly product from your store rather than a traditional one.

  4. Speak their language — and be concise

    Language is constantly evolving to reflect our lifestyle, mindset, and technology we use. Gen Zeds are no exception when it comes to expanding their vocabulary — they integrate much of the casual spoken word into their written communication as well. Like millennials, they use gifs, memes, emojis, and slang to add colour to their speech.

    You too can use certain slang terms to create a fun and engaging brand message.

    Also, keep in mind that your target audience is constantly bombarded with information and advertisements. That is why it’s best to keep your marketing messages short and sweet.

  5. Play appropriate in-store music

    Music streaming services for commercial venues can help you add personality to your brand as part of your sensory marketing strategy. It's also widely known that music can incentivise customers to spend more time in your shop and increase sales.

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