Digital Signage Tips for Restaurants

The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic business sectors in the world. It constantly changes and adapts to external factors such as audience trends and economic shifts. Internal factors like finding ways to work and communicate more efficiently can also contribute to the need to remain up-to-date about the industry trends.

In this article, we will talk about not just a trend, but a major shift in the industry: digitalisation. More specifically, we will focus on the benefits of smart digital signage solutions, including outdoor digital signage and digital menu boards. In the second part of the article, we will provide some essential advice on how to reap the benefits of this technological tool. You will see that restaurant digital signage can be like an additional team member, multitasking between engaging with customers, providing information and entertainment, and advertising your products and brand.

Whether you own a bistro in the bustling town centre, a quick-service restaurant inside a mall, or a coffee shop where university students socialise and study, our ideas may inspire you in how you promote your brand.

Benefits of Digital Signage: Restaurant Brand Improvement, Sales, and More

Digital signage for restaurants has become an industry standard, particularly in the QSR sector. Large hospitality chains are often the first to experiment with new technology and trends. Starbucks, for example, has used digital menu boards to improve sales during quieter times of the day by promoting to-go foods and drinks.

Below are some of the greatest benefits of digital signage restaurant managers should know about.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness in All Locations

    If you franchise a restaurant, for example, it may be more difficult to control how each franchisee represents your brand. However, with smart digital signage solutions that display the same images, videos, and ads everywhere, you can maintain a clear and consistent brand image across all your restaurant locations.

  2. Improve Customer Engagement and Bring In New Visitors

    AI-powered interactive digital displays are the newest generation of digital signage.

    If you opt for interactive displays that use facial recognition and artificial intelligence, they automatically adjust the content according to the customer in front of them. At the same time, they collect feedback to further improve your ads.

    Even queues can be an opportunity to engage with your customers — which not enough restaurants take into account. By installing digital displays, your customers can keep themselves entertained and see personalised offers they might want to take advantage of.

    When bringing in new customers, outdoor digital signage can help you present your brand with dynamic, fresh, and colourful content, outperforming any traditional static display.

  3. Boost Sales While Reducing Energy Expenses

    Studies show that digital signage increases sales, especially if the messaging relates to the consumers’ interests and needs.

    There has never been an easier way to pitch the appropriate products according to specific events or times of the day. With digital signage for restaurants, your in-store advertising runs like clockwork by scheduling various changes and promotions in advance.

    If you are concerned about energy consumption and putting a dent in your budget, rest assured knowing that LCD and LED screens consume less energy and resources than traditional, static signage that you would replace on occasion.

    It’s also advisable to program the digital signage software to turn off the screens automatically after closing hours to save more energy.

Five Tips to Effectively Use Restaurant Digital Signage

While waiting in line to have your order taken at a coffee shop or fast food venue, you often look at well-illuminated LCD screens showing available food and drinks or bundle offers. As someone who works in sales, you may notice these displays are often static and a bit bland. They make you wonder why it’s worth investing in digital signage for restaurants if the result is not much different from using chalkboards or other traditional displays.

That’s where storePlay’s experience in digital signage software comes in. If you want to use restaurant digital signage to its full potential — whether it’s for digital menu boards or other purposes, here is our advice:

  1. Connect Your Digital Displays to Your Restaurant’s Social Media

    Did you know that you can integrate your Instagram feed into your digital display? This isn’t just a cool feature appealing to the younger generations, but being present on social media is a surefire way to influence brand engagement and build a community.

    What would it be like to show off the mouthwatering food photos, inspirational posts, and reviews from your social media through large, high-quality displays and gain more followers?

  2. Create Interactive and Animated Content

    As we mentioned earlier, interactive digital signage is the newest and most efficient in-store advertising tool. Use this to your advantage by creating eye-catching animations and photos to showcase your fresh and delicious menu items.

    Digital displays also allow you to easily keep your offers and prices up-to-date, no matter what happens behind the scenes.

    You can even use digital signage to create the right ambience for a special event, like a neat animated poster for Halloween.

  3. Display Engaging Calls-to-Action to Grab the Attention of New Customers

    Attract passersby with the help of outdoor digital signage by displaying special offers, discounts or QR codes. Show HD photos and videos of the food you serve.

    Call-to-action messages can be formulated as:

    • Discover (our menu of the day)
    • Make a reservation
    • Place an order
    • See (today’s specials)

  4. Improve Curbside Pick-up with Engaging Content

    There are many simple solutions you can use to make curbside pick-up more seamless and reduce the perceived wait time. For example, you can display queuing or virtual queuing information, as well as the menu for any additional, last-minute purchase.

  5. Display Safety Measures for Customers and Employees

    Safety protocols are, perhaps, not often discussed in advertising; nevertheless, it’s an important topic, especially in today’s climate.

    For example, you can keep your customers and employees feeling safe and informed by occasionally showing tips and advice on how to make heat waves more bearable — ending with the suggestion of enjoying a chilled drink at your venue.

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All in all, we have covered some of the most useful and effective ways in which digital signage can step up your in-store advertising game. Whether you are interested in outdoor signage examples and strategies or menu board display ideas, we hope this article has inspired you with a fresh perspective on digital signage content.

Get in touch today to learn more about our digital signage solutions, hardware options, and the unique content our team of designers can create for you. Don’t hesitate to book a demo as well to see how digital signage can be applied to your venue.