What Goes into the Digital Signage Price?

What Goes into the Digital Signage Price?

E-commerce may very well become the default option for shopping all around the world, but it will never completely replace traditional shopping. You can mark our words on that!

Brick-and-mortar stores drive sales by appealing to the senses; they offer a tangible, real-time shopping experience and serve customers with no delay.

One of the senses traditional shopping appeals to is visual, that’s why store signage holds a high place in any design plan and marketing campaign. And what’s better than eye-catching signage that invites passersby to your shop?

Digital signage!

With its interactive component and novel integrations like AI-based digital signage software that keeps up with client feedback, the sky is the limit when it comes to in-store advertising digitalisation.

However, the sky is not exactly the limit for a business’s budget, so we are going to break down the elements that go into the final digital signage price.

Read on if you manage a shop or a restaurant and want to make an informed decision before investing in this kind of marketing tool.

How Much Does Digital Signage Cost? Here Is The Breakdown

As one might expect, there are several options to consider for each factor that contributes to the digital signage price. The following are the main categories to consider:

Digital Signage Hardware

Digital signage hardware is made up of three components: the display, the media player, and the mounting hardware.

  1. The digital signage display

    Choosing the right digital display screen is the most important aspect here. No one likes a fuzzy monitor that hurts their eyes, after all. If you’ve ever tried connecting your computer to your television set, you know what we mean.

    To help you select the best option for your location, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Where would a digital signage display have the most impact within my venue?
    • What size screen should be used to fit into that space? Would I need more than one screen?
      Keep in mind that your display can be suspended from the ceiling, wall-mounted, floor-mounted or installed as a free-standing kiosk.
    • What is my budget for the screen(s)?

    Currently, digital signage displays can vary in cost between A$1200 to A$3000, while a free-standing kiosk can cost around A$300.

  2. The media player

    The media player is what powers your content to the display screens. It comes in different shapes and it can suit various budgets:

    • boxes (more durable and have higher memory);
    • sticks (choose something like the Amazon Fire Stick if you want to keep the digital signage price lower);
    • all-in-one solutions (the media player is integrated into the display).

    Typically, each screen would require its own media player.

  3. The mounting hardware and cabling

    Unless you’re using a free-standing kiosk, you are probably going to need a system to set up the display, such as a ceiling or a wall mount.

    Mounting hardware designed for commercial use is more durable than that designed for individual consumers. The same is true for cables.

    Whatever option you select, make sure it’s as discreet as possible — you want your content to grab all the attention, not the “furniture”.

    We offer various hardware solutions through our national partners, so if you are not sure what works best for your available in-store space and budget, we are happy to be your guide.

Digital Signage Software

Depending on your business needs and budget, you can decide between a cloud-based software licence (or SaaS, Software-as-a-Service) with monthly pay and non-cloud software that you only pay once.

At Storeplay Radio, we prefer using cloud-based digital signage solutions. Maintenance is much easier that way and it requires less IT training on your team’s end.