10+ Good Call-to-Action Examples for Your In-Store Digital Screens

10+ Good Call-to-Action Examples for Your In-Store Digital Screens

A strong call to action on your in-store digital screens can make all the difference between a wandering customer and one who puts their foot in the door (of your shop) intent on making a purchase.

As technology and new trends emerge, so do CTAs become more creative and compelling. But they are all placed on a tried and true foundation of tactics anchored in psychology and design rules.

We've gathered some ideas in this article to help you formulate the best call-to-action phrases for your digital displays. Whether you are just getting the hang of in-store advertising or you are a seasoned marketer who wants to leverage their digital signage designs, this material is for you!

Call-to-Action Examples for Your In-Store Digital Screens and Why They Work

If there’s one thing to remember about the importance of CTAs in advertisement, it’s this: after informing a customer about your brand, services, or products, you always want them to do something with the newly acquired information. When it comes to digital signage, your efforts will fall flat without some inspired CTAs to accompany the designs.

For example, you don’t just want to thank your customers for visiting your shop; you want them to at least join your mailing list to receive updates and special offers. The way you express this desire is highly important as well.

We will go over some of the most effective call-to-action examples you can show on your in-store digital screens, while also explaining the intention behind them and why they work!

  1. Meeting Customers Where They Are

    As we all know, calls to action are focused on the consumer and are supposed to meet them where they are.

    For one, you need to adapt your message and vocabulary to the consumer’s level of education. Another aspect to keep in mind is the location of your shop; you want your message to be inclusive and easy to understand by anyone passing by.

    Here are some practical examples of what you should or shouldn’t say:

    • Use simple language: instead of “Acquire” or “Purchase”, say “Get”;
    • Use as few words as possible: instead of “You can buy”, write down “Buy”.
  2. Short and Sweet CTAs

    Remember that your customers are not sitting in front of your in-store digital screens to analyse them. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, inform them, and determine them to take action.

    It’s quite the challenge, isn’t it?

    That’s why all CTAs should be as concise as possible. William Shakespeare knew this best in the late 1500s when he wrote: “Brevity is the soul of wit”. This copywriting tip holds true today.

    Here are some concrete psychological and linguistic tips you can always rely on:

    • Use the most common words in the vocabulary;
    • Use verbs rather than nouns as much as possible. Action words (verbs) activate a different part of the brain than object words (nouns) — they prepare our body for action;
    • Avoid adjectives if you can — use photos instead (a high-quality picture is worth a thousand words);
    • Avoid using the passive voice because it distances the reader.

    For example, instead of saying “Treat yourself with a comfortable winter sweater”, show a picture of a model wearing one in which they are visibly comfortable, followed by the CTA: “Get the look” or “Treat yourself”.

    When it comes to the ‘sweet’ side of CTAs, always adapt your tone to your audience and be authentic.

  3. Creating a Sense of Urgency

    Time-sensitive content always grabs attention. Here are a few of the best call-to-action phrases that create a sense of urgency:

    • Today only!
    • Now!
    • While stock lasts!
    • Don’t miss out!
    • Hurry!

    With that being said, try not to abuse this tactic — customers can sense when you’re not being authentic.

  4. Using FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

    Employing the scarcity principle can make your in-store advertising incredibly irresistible. Not only does it make your products seem harder to find, but it allows your customers to feel like they belong to an exclusive group.

    For example, a limited edition perfume will be more appealing than one that can be found anywhere — many people are looking for a signature scent that is unique to them.

    So how do you display a limited offer effectively? Use these phrases:

    • Limited time only
    • Exclusive
    • Offer ends <date>

    Also, keep in mind that scarcity, like creating a sense of urgency, is best used when it is most needed.

  5. Clear and Specific CTAs

    Be selective with the information you display on your interactive digital signage. A good rule of thumb is that you only have 7 seconds to grab your reader’s attention.

    To meet such a demanding criterion, try to simplify your CTA as much as possible and focus on action words.

    If you can, use QR codes instead of URLs, since people will most likely not type an entire webpage address in their browser, even if it’s a shortened version.

    You can also attach social media handles, promo codes or phone numbers.

    Here is an example of a CTA that clearly tells the customer what they need to do: Activate your virtual voucher to get 5% off your shopping cart!

  6. Creating Emotional Engagement

    Buying decisions are rarely exclusively rational, so your consumers need to have an emotional connection with your message.

    Be mindful of your younger audience too, like Gen Z and Alpha representatives. They tend to look for personalisation and authenticity more than other categories of consumers.

    Some examples of emotional words and phrases to use:

    • Celebrate, Dare, Discover, Easy, Free, Health, New, Save;
    • Treat yourself!
    • Keep up (with)!
    • Be part of our growing community!
  7. Being Mindful of Current Events

    A business doesn’t function in a vacuum — you should always be mindful of current events when formulating your advertisements. When necessary, shift from business to social and cultural content.

    During the pandemic, for example, there was a lot of retail digital signage guiding customers through sanitary regulations. Prevention measures were posted in Australian retail shops to “Help Stop the Spread”.

  8. Retail Digital Signage with Gamification

    Gamified coupons are some of the most creative call-to-action tools that not only reward your customers but provide a fun and interesting experience.

    Consider a brand loyalty system based on reward points and create an engaging video to serve as the foundation for your interactive digital signage.

    As for CTAs, you can try:

    • Win prizes
    • Complete the quiz
  9. Cross-Promoting, Cross-Selling, Upselling

    One way to make the most of your in-store digital screens is by reinforcing your top-selling products.

    Moreover, with interactive digital signage that identifies the customers in front of them, you can drive sales by suggesting the most adequate products according to their needs:

    • New Arrivals
    • Save …%
  10. Amplifying CTAs with Audio

    Last but not least, in order to create more interactive digital signage, you can accompany your CTAs with audio clips. Take advantage of this unique option that is not available with traditional signage!

    As we’ve mentioned in a previous article on audio branding, certain sounds can trigger specific perceptions in consumers:

    • Crinkling wrapping paper can make clients think about gifts for their loved ones;
    • The sound of pouring wine into a crystal glass might make clients pick a bottle off the shelf;
    • Using your brand’s jingle will help customers connect with you and remember your name.

You may notice that, in some cases, the audio clip is compelling enough to become a call to action, as it has the ability to stir the imagination.

However, since you may display several different ads on your in-store digital screens, try not to include sound in each and every one of them. A little goes a long way!

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We hope these ideas have inspired you for your next short, sweet, and persuasive retail digital signage CTAs.

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