Why Use a Queue Management System to Improve Staff Performance?

Why Use a Queue Management System to Improve Staff Performance?

The concept of a queue management system emerged as a way to solve a problem in the way we provide services to our communities. More specifically, we set out to design various systems that run smoothly enough so that customers’ wait time and the staff’s idle time are as little as possible.

No matter the industry we are referring to, be it retail, hospitality, banking sectors, or medical services, a queuing system typically looks like this:

  • The input population – the individuals (units) that become the customers of the queuing system;
  • Arrivals – the individuals that enter the system seeking service;
  • The queue – the line that houses the individuals who are waiting to be served;
  • The service centre or facility is where the individuals benefit from a service. It can consist of one or more servers. In retail and hospitality, such services can include: sales clerks, pushcarts, tables (in restaurants), and checkout counters;
  • The departures – the customers that leave the system.

Why Is a Queue Management System Important for Your Business?

A queue management system not only ensures a smooth customer flow and efficient services, but also helps you avoid loss of sales.

For example, if there aren’t enough tables in a restaurant, customers waiting in line at the entrance may not be able to stand there for long, resulting in lost sales and possibly losing those clients altogether.

Does that mean you need a larger venue?

Not necessarily. A traditional queue management system that many restaurants apply is the addition of a bar where customers can sit down and order drinks until a proper table is available. This added feature also encourages socialising among consumers while generating more revenue for the enterprise.

A better alternative can include installing a digital queue management system where clients can book reservations using their computer or mobile phone.

These solutions may seem obvious, but many restaurants, believe it or not, overlook this aspect. Sometimes, even when venues allow customers to make reservations, they may still not be able to find an empty table when they arrive.

By adopting a queue management system, you establish a relationship with the client based on respect by showing them that you value their time.

A virtual or digital queue management system platform, in particular, can assist you in ensuring that the number of service facilities you have available can tend to each client on time.

How Queue Management Systems Can Improve Staff Performance

Apart from the benefits of queue management systems described above—ensuring customer satisfaction and generating higher revenue—this solution can also improve staff productivity.


If your team feels supported and valued, it will be more involved and proactive. Also, by making their tasks less tedious and more fulfilling, your business will benefit in the long run.

1. Automating Queue Management Processes Aids in Distributing the Workload Evenly

Some situations and services require the use of more complex queues like tandem queues (also known as queues-in-series) or priority systems.

In the retail industry, for example, a tandem queue may form at an electronics store that allows customers to pay in instalments. The buyer must first visit the clerk who performs the background check and prepares the contract, then proceed to the cash register desk to pay the first instalment of the product.

A virtual queue management system could help streamline the operation by asking the customer to send the necessary data before arriving at the store. The staff can then elaborate the payment plan so that the client only needs to sign it when they arrive, and then proceed to checkout.

This can improve staff performance because they are not overburdened with multiple tasks at once; they are, instead, distributed more evenly throughout the day.

2. Staff Can Focus More on Customer Experience

A queue management system can be part of an ampler system that analyses consumer data, which is necessary for your enterprise to understand their needs and behaviours.

It is a practical solution in retail because if designated staff members have access to the buyer’s data like their previous transactions, they can provide tailored services to meet customer expectations.

A virtual queue management system also connects clients to employees who have the necessary skills and experience to assist, which can help prevent confusion or frustration on the customer’s end by eliminating the need to go from one employee to another and repeat their inquiry.

3. Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers and Vice Versa

“Customer and employee satisfaction are two sides of the same coin,” two expert economists from Glassdoor said. By analysing the data collected on their platform over the years, they have discovered a strong correlation between employee well-being and customer satisfaction.

They have also concluded that this correlation is the most present where employees work directly with consumers—like in retail and hospitality. On the other hand, in manufacturing and IT, the relationship is not as strong because the staff does not usually interact with the buyers.

Having said that, it is a well-known fact that digitalisation is a must in the business environment. With the aid of technology like online booking platforms and digital queue management systems, not only do you keep up with your competition, but you also give your staff access to the newest tools that help their job performance.

Not having to deal with redundant tasks that can easily be automated will allow them to handle more fulfilling jobs, thus ensuring higher staff productivity (and, ultimately, better customer service).

How Storeplay IQ’s Virtual Queue Management Platform Can Help Your Team

We have briefly covered the theory behind queuing systems, as well as various ways of managing them effectively in order to boost staff performance and make sure clients are content.

If you are looking for specific software to aid your company, Storeplay IQ may be the answer for you.

With Storeplay IQ, we support retail and hospitality businesses of all sizes to merge their online appointment bookings and click-and-collect services without using any other tools or apps.

The user interface is easy to customise for each client by asking the right questions at the time of booking and after the shopping session. This way, we can help employees be informed and better prepared to assist.

Get in touch with us to learn how you can adopt (and adapt) Storeplay IQ’s virtual queue management system for your business!