Top Benefits of Using a Virtual Queue Management System

Top Benefits of Using a Virtual Queue Management System

Nowadays, businesses and institutions can incorporate a variety of tools — software and hardware — as part of a complex omnichannel solution. As a result, they are better able to manage the waiting time and overall customer experience from pre-service to post-service, as well as to improve staff performance.

Among the numerous available solutions, the virtual queue management system has gained traction in recent years, particularly as a way to ensure a safer environment for employees and clients during the pandemic. However, due to its advantages and relatively low investment efforts, companies continue to use it even when severe restrictions are no longer required.

If you’re wondering if implementing a virtual queuing system is a smart tool for your business, especially in the retail or hospitality fields, keep reading to see how it can benefit you and your customers.

How Does a Virtual Queue Management System Work?

To provide some perspective, a virtual queuing system is one in which customers don’t need to wait in a physical line in order to obtain a service; instead, they can use an appointment booking platform or application to reserve a spot ahead of time.

At Storeplay IQ, for example, the customer goes to the store’s website or directly to Storeplay IQ to schedule a time to visit. If the customer is already in front of the store, they can scan a QR code with their mobile phone to get a place in the queue. Afterward, they can wait remotely or run errands while receiving real-time updates regarding their position in line. As an added incentive, the shoppers who book online through the Storeplay IQ website can skip to the front of the line upon arrival.

In the case of click-and-collect orders, the business notifies the consumer through email or SMS when the order is ready, and they can book a pick-up time.

Did You Know? Queue management systems are based on queuing theory — a mathematical approach to the study of waiting in line — developed by Agner Krarup Erlang, a Danish engineer. In the 1900s, while working for the Copenhagen Telephone Company, he created models to describe the telephone exchange and determine the number of circuits needed to accommodate a particular number of calls.

Various industries from all over the world have applied his theory, including telecommunications, factory design, hospitals, banks, retail, and restaurants. His research is still relevant despite the complexity of today’s business climate and the necessity for virtual queuing solutions.

Benefits of a Virtual Queue Management System for the Staff

There is no doubt that any company requires some kind of digital queue management system to ensure they deliver their services on time.

We will enlist the benefits of using a virtual queuing system from two perspectives: that of employees and that of customers.

1. Virtual Queue Management Systems Improve Staff Productivity and Experience

We discussed this benefit concerning queue management systems in general in a previous article. In addition to that, a virtual queue management system allows you to:

  • Segment customers based on their booking to improve efficiency;
  • Assign clients to the appropriate staff (both automatically and manually);
  • Screen and prioritise customers;
  • Reorganise customer flow in real-time.

Having access to the relevant data ahead of time will help reduce everyday stress among personnel who must engage with a large number of customers.

2. Virtual Queue Management Software Can Offer Reports to Aid Staff Performance

A virtual queuing system can save information about wait and service times. Employees can then use this data to evaluate and improve service delivery.

3. It Improves Communication and Transparency

A real-time dashboard that the staff can easily access can significantly minimise the need for phone calls, post-it notes, or personal attendance in general, thus enhancing internal logistics and facilitating customer flow.

How a Virtual Queue Management System Benefits the Client

A digital queue management system with remote queuing capabilities can significantly improve the customer journey and experience.

1. It Offers a Quick and Stress-Free Shopping Experience

The advantages here are twofold. First of all, customers not only spend less time in queues (nine out of ten shoppers will not enter a store with a long queue), but they also perceive a shorter wait time (through notifications and updates).

Second, they believe they have more control over the shopping experience because they can choose their arrival time, the required service, and benefit from fair queuing.

Did You Know? According to the psychology behind waiting in line, the perceived wait time is more important than the actual wait time. Through virtual queuing software, customers can receive appointment reminders, thus reducing anxiety and showing that their time is valuable to you.

2. A Virtual Queuing System Keeps Customers Safe

Although the necessity for social distancing is decreasing, having the possibility to better organise the influx of customers on the store or restaurant premises can be beneficial during the flu season or certain special events. In this manner, you can ensure a shorter waiting time while complying with sanitary standards.

3. It also Helps Keep Customers Engaged

A virtual queue management system allows customers to interact with your online store, keeping them engaged and up to date on personalised products and services. You can also send an occasional online survey and engage directly with the customer.

Final Thoughts

The opportunities and benefits of using a digital queue management system can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and better “behind the scenes” operations. As a result of saving time in lines, buyers spend more time and money on the shopping experience itself.

Most importantly, by including virtual queuing solutions in your digital management tools, you position yourself as a modern and highly effective brand.

We hope this article can help you make an informed choice regarding the use virtual queue management software.

If you want to reap all of the benefits outlined above, our team at Storeplay IQ can offer you the needed support, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!