LOCATION: South Australia

INDUSTRY: Hospitality & Retail



Booze Brothers engaged Storeplay about two years to revamp its music offering. Booze Brothers' retail music solution originally involved the laborious use of store iPods, updating iTunes manually and distributing playlists as required. “Each pub would send through requests for different kinds of songs and I would have to physically purchase, download and distribute from head office,” says Alice Glanville, Marketing Manager at Booze Brothers. With the rise of streaming services being used for business, Glanville recognised the massive risk. “We needed a legitimate option. It was about ensuring our process was legal but also streamlined and efficient.”


“We couldn’t have staff handling the music process,” Glanvilles explains. “It’s not the job of a graphic designer to put together a music playlist for multiple venues. We needed a process.” Booze Brothers wanted to ensure they were abiding by all legal guidelines, but organising in store music was a time consuming and logistical nightmare! As such, Booze Brothers engaged Storeplay to curate playlists specifically designed for their consumer base (as well as for staff enjoyment). “The fact that it’s all handled offsite is amazing. It takes the pressure off staff and we know it’s all being handled by professionals.”

“We pay per playlist and we add on as we need to. It’s a tiered system depending on the number of playlists we have which offers us real flexibility,” Glanville says. The Storeplay approach really appealed to the Booze Brothers team as they could have good background music in the gaming rooms as well as the food and beverage venues. “The support offered is just so valuable.”

Booze Brothers needed a music platform that was:

  • Legal
  • Suitable for multiple venues
  • Able to adapt quickly
  • Streamlined


The team did their research and was drawn to Storeplay for the versatility and competitive pricing structure. “What we read up on is exactly what was delivered,” Glanville says. “The whole process was easy from the outset . Staff can give feedback or request a certain style to engage customers at each particular venue and it’s all updated straight away.” Being a responsive platform has been the major appeal for Booze Brothers compared to the time consuming and manual process staff were used to. “It’s just so efficient. We can update playlists and change anything if we need to. The variety is also huge,” Glanville adds.

What are the standout features for Booze Brothers? “You don’t have to manage anything, it’s all done for us,: Glanvile says. “It’s easy to refresh and update and easy for staff to give feedback. They can log in and update on the device at any venue.” Booze Brothers has been thrilled with the results. “We’re not music specialists and we’re not licencing experts and we knew we needed help. The ease and efficiency is why I would definitely recommend Storeplay.


  • Efficiency
  • Variety
  • Easy updates
  • Staff feedback
  • Responsive
  • Cost-effective

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