LOCATION: Australia

INDUSTRY: Women’s Fashion


Company Overview

ECO D. is a high street fashion label, known for its luxury women’s apparel and accessories. It was established in 1985 and has gone from strength to strength. Each season, ECO D. carefully curates capsules from international and Australian designer labels. Its personal styling service has earned ECO D. a loyal and passionate client following, making the in-store experience vital for the brand.


Prior to Storeplay, ECO D. didn’t have a way to collate music across its stores. Its strategy went no further than the CDs which were used on rotation. What makes the store unique in the women’s fashion landscape is the way it appeals to all age groups. It’s a common sight to see teenage girls shopping with their mums, grandparents shopping for a special event, or business women looking for a capsule wardrobe. As a multi brand store with clientele from 18 to 80, ECO D. needed background music to match its dynamic demographic and set the tone for its stores.


“Store atmosphere was really important to our Director,” ECO D. Retail Manager, Catherine Harrington, explains. Six years ago, the director of ECO D. met with the Storeplay team to look at options. While it initially looked at monthly playlists, it has since moved to the 24 hour music channel option. “The staff really embraced the minimal repetition of the channel solution,” Catherine tells us. Storeplay Radio channels are regularly updated with the latest releases by professional curators and are perfect for fashion, restaurants, cafés, hair and beauty retailers where commercial music is an important part of the customer experience. ECO D. knew that they needed something on brand and responsive. “Storeplay caters to this really easily,” Catherine says. “It’s also very cost-effective.”

ECO D. needed a music platform that was:

  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • Updated regularly
  • Responsive
  • On brand


“We have a dynamic team with varying tastes. Storeplay provides us with the channels to remain on brand while giving our staff the flexibility they want in-store,” Catherine explains. What was clear from the outset was how happy the staff were. It was certainly a boost to team morale.

“What I love about Storeplay is the ease and functionality. But above all, I have to say the service approach from the team behind the scenes is what makes it stand out as a company. The whole team is really amazing and responsive,” Catherine explains, adding that Dean and Mitch have come to many store meetings and have met with managers in person many times, just to make sure everything is on track.

Catherine also tells us there has been a definite improvement to the in-store atmosphere, which was the main goal. Customers are in store longer because the shopping experience is more enjoyable. “Customers bop along,” Catherine tells us.


  • General productivity
  • Atmosphere
  • Customers in-store longer

“The Storeplay team is always on the front foot with new technology and functionality. They’ve got the research and the foresight to always point us in the right direction,” Catherine adds.

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