Mimco stores had limited or no access to WiFi. They had previously been using CDs. This was outdated and unreliable technology with breakages and scratches, a limited amount of music per disc. It was labour intensive, repetitious and demotivating for staff.

The challenge was to implement an upgraded in-store music system, to engage staff and customers, without the need to rely on WiFi.


Storeplay worked with an international partner to secure adapters that would bypass the need for WiFi for their IOS devices, and instead be hardwired directly to the Ethernet.

The new platform allows staff to create their own playlists from a previously-approved music selection, allowing each store to customise the feel of their retail space for their specific footfall.

Mimco are currently rolling this platform out across their stores nationwide.

This project, and the resulting development means Storeplay is now available on IOS, Android, Windows PC & Sonos technology, all with the option to insert messaging for all clients.