Why Your Retail Store Needs Background Music

Why Your Retail Store Needs Background Music

Stores are using music to make customers spend more. Are you?

Retail marketers are constantly looking for new ways to hook prospects and influence their shopping patterns and behaviour.

But many overlook one of the most effective strategies for increasing sales and building a "sticky" customer base: music.

More specifically, branded background music.

Music subconsciously affects our mood, heightens our senses, and it can even drive us to make impulsive decisions based on positive associations our brains create between what we hear and the people, places, and brands we interact with.

So if you’re a business owner who still hasn’t tapped into the power of background music for your store, then keep on reading and see what you’re missing out on. 👇

How in-store music fuels revenue growth

When you hear about marketing strategies in general, they’re all about campaigns, lead generation, social media and content.

You don’t hear much about creating your own unique sound for your brand.

I mean, it’s music. Can it be that serious?

If you’re keen on maximizing profit and driving more traffic to your store, then yes, it can be.


Just take a look at some of the research done on this strategy:

And you already know by now that happy customers are repeat customers.

  • Stores with music that matches their brand identity are 96% more likely to be recalled than companies with regular sound or no background music at all.

  • Auditory reaction times are the shortest among all other senses. Which means that sound is the fastest (and often most cost-effective) strategy to increase the quality of your customer engagement.

  • When consumers hear music they love in a store, they’re 24% more likely to buy a product from that brand.

  • By 2020, customer experience will matter more to consumers than both price and product. And there simply is no such thing as a unique and positive customer experience when bad music’s playing in the background.

  • 81% of staff perform better when listening to music. So having good background music makes for a cheap, simple, and effective way of increasing productivity.

  • A majority of businesses have not developed their own unique sound. This is one competitive advantage that’s still up for grabs and that you want to get your hands on.

Going beyond the research

The truth is, you don’t even need to look so far and delve into studies and research in order to find reasons for why background music should be a primary focus for your marketing strategy and an indispensable tool to drive more sales.

Just think about your own experience.

Have you ever walked into a store and were forced to leave empty-handed just because of the frustrating sound that was playing loudly inside? Or because the store had such poor music choices that you simply felt compelled to get out as soon as possible, and never to return?

But what happens when you visit that one store you love where it feels like you’ve entered an entirely different world altogether? Where the music is soothing, the sound is just right, and the atmosphere is so unique to you that you can’t seem to stop coming back there every time you get the chance.

If the latter sounds like something you want your customers to experience when they walk into your store, then it’s time you gave your brand’s background music the attention it deserves.

Find out how you can choose the right music for your brand here, and remember to check out Storeplay Radio if you want to drive more traffic to your business and streamline your revenue growth.

If you’re a business owner who still hasn’t tapped into the power of background music for your store, then keep on reading and see what you’re missing out on. 👇