24hrs Music Channels

Minimal repetition, regularly updated with the latest releases by our professional curators.


Most suitable for fashion, restaurants, cafés, hair & beauty retailers where commercial music is an important part of the customer experience.

  • Mixed Pop

    Hit music from around the globe featuring established acts alongside promising newcomers. Everything from pop to R&B and commercial dance to top 40.

  • Uptempo Pop

    All the biggest pop hits from around the globe, with a focus on higher energy levels and tempos. Perfect for businesses trying to create an upbeat, dynamic environment.

  • Retro & Pop

    Four decades of pop all thrown together to create a vibrant hit-laden mix.

  • Retro Classics

    The ultimate retro playlist. A selection of the best hits from the 70's to now. The perfect playlist for anyone who loves to hear their customers singing along.

  • Cool Cuts

    Here is the sound for hipsters. A mixed bag with everything from pop to indie and reggae to hip hop.

  • Indie Chill

    Perfect for a lazy summers day, this is a chilled, yet diverse collection of alternative & indie pop.

  • Easy Listening

    Familiar songs that you know and love. A selection of light and melodic jazz, pop and soul ballads from the 1970's to now.

  • Groove

    Stylish & sexy, this is the soundtrack to summer all year round. Everything from chill out to jazzy house and electronica to soul.

  • Urban Party Jams

    A booty shaking mix of R&B, hip hop & urban floorfillers from 90's, 00's and 10's. We dare you to stand still!

  • Old Skool Funk & Disco

    A booty shaking mix of Old Skool Funk, Classic Soul & Disco that will add a sophisticated party vibe to any environment.

  • Deep & Disco House

    Underground house releases infusing melodic jazz-funk, nu disco and deep house.

  • Commercial Dance

    The hottest house & dance tracks from clubs and dancefloors around the globe. Everything from indie dance to electro house and nu disco to vocal house.

  • Hip Hop (Explicit Language & Themes)

    A collection of ol' skool classics, mixed together with the latest hip hop releases. *Contains explicit language and themes.

  • Golden Days

    A nostalgic blast from the past, encompassing familiar melodies and sentimental classics from the 30's - 60's golden age of music.

  • Christmas - Pop

    Get into the Christmas vibe with this playlist full pop sounding festive songs by your favourite contemporary artists.

  • Christmas - Easy Listening

    Get into the Christmas spirit with this playlist of classic Christmas hits and easy-listening Christmas songs by some of the greatest artists of all time.

Partial Rights

Most suitable for restaurants, cafés & other venues looking to avoid PPCA fees.

  • PPCA Free - Grooves

    An uplifting mix of feel-good grooves, funky vibes & a splash of tropical house.

  • PPCA Free - Chilled

    A relaxed mix of chill-out & jazzy recordings, perfect for soundtracking restaurant-meals, poolside lounging, and laidback cocktail hours.

  • PPCA Free - Mellow Beats

    A collection of downtempo mainly-instrumental hip-hop, soulful vocal-samples, jazzy vibes, and funky beats to get your head nodding.

  • PPCA Free - Cool Covers

    Easy listening, downtempo, bossa & jazz reinterpretations of some of the biggest hits from the 70's, 80's 90's & 00's.

  • PPCA Free - Gym Top 40

    Cover versions of today's biggest Top 40 hits that are guaranteed to motivate any workout.

  • Café - Tasting Menu

    A mixed bag of current pop and classics that will take your customers on a musical journey. All original artists - no covers!

  • Café - Soul Selection

    A collection of classics soul sounds featuring the best of Motown, Stax, and funky rare groove favourites from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

  • Café - Christmas Hamper

    A mixed (Santa) bag of current Christmas pop, easy-listening and classics that will take your customers on a sleigh-ride. All original artists - no covers!

  • Café - Swing, Jazz Blues & Soul

    A collection of Swing, Jazz Blues & Soul classic from the some of the greatest artist of all time including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald & Muddy Waters.

Royalty Free

Most suitable for venues where music is very background.

  • Royalty Free - Pop

    Contemporary-style pop music for young on-brand customers.

  • Royalty Free - Easy Listening

    A mix of laidback easy-pop compositions and songwriter sounds, suited to restaurants and eateries.

  • Royalty Free - Groove

    A collection of cool beats, melodic grooves, and soulful sounds for bars, design and hip hangout venues.

  • Royalty Free - Easy Pop

    The perfect mix of easy-listening and pop music for all-ages, hand-curated with cafes and broad retail environments in mind.

  • Royalty Free - Relax

    Ambient spa music and relaxing sounds to soothe the mind, body & soul.

  • Royalty Free - High Energy

    High energy pop/dance sounds to inspire and motivate your workouts.

  • Royalty Free - Jazz

    A sophisticated jazz and classics selection which provides a high-end tone for hotel lobbies, fine dining establishments and prestige showrooms.

  • Royalty Free - Christmas

    Get into the festive spirit with this selection of Christmas songs.