Discover Your Brand's True Essence with Our Exclusive Brand Archetype Survey
Unlock the soul of your brand with Storeplay's unique Brand Archetype Survey, designed to delve deep into the core of your identity and bring it to life across every sensory touchpoint. Our exclusive survey isn't just a questionnaire; it's a journey to the heart of what makes your brand tick, resonate, and stand out in the crowded marketplace.
Brand Archetype

Why take the survey?

Unearth Your Brand's Personality

Discover the archetype that drives your brand's spirit, whether it's the Hero, aiming for excellence, or the Sage, seeking truth. Knowing this shapes how you communicate, the atmosphere you create, and the connection you forge with customers.

Tailored Sensory Experience

Tailored Sensory Experience: With your archetype in hand, we weave this essence into a symphony of experiences. Imagine music that echoes your brand's mission, visuals that articulate your story, and a signature scent that embodies your identity. It's not just about playing music or setting a mood; it's about creating a consistent, immersive brand narrative that customers feel, see, and remember.

Deepen Customer Connection

People don't just buy products; they buy stories, emotions, and identities. By aligning your sensory elements with your brand's archetype, you're not selling; you're engaging on a deeper emotional level. This isn't just about loyalty; it's about creating brand advocates.

How It Works

Take the Survey

Engage with thought-provoking questions that draw out the subtle nuances of your brand's character.

Receive Your Archetype Report

Get a detailed, insightful report explaining your brand's archetype and what it means for your music, visuals, and scent strategies.

Consult with Our Experts

Our team of sensory branding experts will guide you on integrating this newfound knowledge into a cohesive, sensory-rich brand experience.

Where You'll See the Difference

Boost Sales

Harness the power of a fully aligned brand experience to attract, engage, and convert more customers, increasing sales and brand loyalty.

In-Store Ambiance

With a clear understanding of your brand's driving force, your campaigns will resonate more deeply, cutting through the noise and speaking directly to your audience's hearts.ers.

Employee Engagement

When your team understands the 'why' behind your brand, they become more than staff; they're brand ambassadors, embodying and spreading your core values with every interaction.

Don't just play music. Don't just create a look. Don't just select a scent. Craft an experience that's authentically, unmistakably, irresistibly yours. With Storeplay's Brand Archetype Survey, your brand isn't just seen or heard; it's felt. Dive into the depths of your brand's identity today and emerge with a sensory experience that's as unique as your fingerprint.